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A Few Finished Miniatures.

Oh wow, it's been a while since I last posted.

Lot's has happened since then, mostly a lot of time spent at work but I have had some time to finish a few small projects.

First up Is a Blood Angel Terminator with a quick free hand banner that I completed recently. I wasn't aiming for anything super smooth, quite the opposite, not minding rougher blends and a more nitty gritty look for him.

I tried a little bit of OSL for his face and I think it worked, using a teal color to contrast nicely with the red.

I also tried a different style of photography for his finished picture.

Next up is my Space Wolf Rune Priest conversion.

This guy was made using a 30K Praetor model and the head from an AOS Rune Priest. Tried to get him looking like he'd been through a snow storm. I think it worked and turned out alright!

All in all I'm quite happy with how these two guys turned out. They were nice quick paint jobs where I just enjoyed the process and didn't overly focus on the techniques or trying to achieve the best blends in the world.

Well that's it till next time - I hope you enjoyed the model and read!

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