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A Grim Dark Chaplain & some more progress on my Grey Knights.

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

What a couple of days the last few have been.

I've been really tired after work, lots of things going on in the background and lots to do at all times.

With that said, I didn't want to make an excuse like I would normally do about being too tired to paint, so I just sat down and painted.

I'm really glad that I did. Not only have I made more progress on my personal Grey Knight army, bases have been getting coated, purity seals sealed and reds popping more, but I also tried using oil paints on a miniature too.

I found a half painted WIP Space Marine Blood Angel Chaplain in the bottom of my figure case. So, after pulling him out and dusting him off, I decided to try oils on him and finish his paint job in a nice gritty grim dark style.

When it comes to oil paints, I just picked up a basic set of Daler- Rowney Gregorian Oils, there are about eight basic colors in the set, and they seem to work well enough.

Use them with some odorless white spirit as a thinner and cleaner and you're good to go.

Something I like to do is to also use pigments to help blend multiple layers together and add uniformity to a model. Here I used them to tie together the base of the miniature and to also bring together some of the starker blends of grey to black on his armor.

Really please with both my Grey Knights progress and also on this Chaplain, both are starting to really take shape!

Well, let me know what you think! Keep enjoying the hobby and happy painting to you. :)

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