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A Quick Speed Paint.

The other day I wanted to clear up the Titan parts and get something painted whilst I wait for Forge World to sort out the miss-cast and not cured Warhound Titan parts.

I happen to have some old school Chaos Space Marines in a bits box and thought I'd paint one up as a practice and speed paint session.

Here he is before painting;

I wasn't sure which color scheme to go with for him so I asked people on Instagram and someone suggested a 40K style World Eater.

This seemed like a good choice, so two hours of airbrushing and weathering later I had him finished.

For a quick paint and getting used to using an airbrush (I've had one for years but never really used it) I'm happy with how he turned out.

Here's the finished miniature:

All in all a good painting session, now I'm looking forward to the next!

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