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Bath Time & Building.

The last couple of weeks have been busy for me, both from a personal life perspective and work wise.

On the personal side of things, about two weeks ago I had my tonsils removed. It's the first larger type of operation that I've had and I was really nervous about having it done. I'd never been put under general anesthetic before and the idea scared me quite a bit.

Thankfully all went well though and I've now been on the road of recovery for the past two weeks. The first week was very painful but over the last few days things have started to get better quite quickly which I'm very thankful for.

I've also been back at work for the last week and things at work have been busy too with lots going on. Work, coupled with recovering from surgery has meant that I've had very little to no time for hobby time.

That said, I did manage to check all the parts for my Warbringer Titan to make sure everything was present and give them all a scrub and wash during the week.

I also sat down on my day off today and built a Nemesis Dreadknight for my Grey Knights army.

Just Grand Master Voldus to build now and that'll be the army complete.

I do want to get started on my Titans and my Custodes army too, but before I do that, I really want to practice my painting and modeling a little bit more.

That means I'll probably be taking a slight detour and painting a different army first! With the latest Tau codex release, I've decided to have them as my next army project. I'm still deciding on a color scheme but I've already got the models.

I happened to buy these about three years ago, but never got round to even opening the boxes up, so now seems the perfect opportunity!

Alongside what you can see in the picture above, I've placed an order for a Tau Empire Commander who should arrive to lead the force in the next week or so.

I wanted to order a Hammer Head Gunship or Stormsurge too, but decided not to until I've built and painted these guys up first.

Well, that was a longer post than I thought it would be, time for some rest before work tomorrow.

Good night and take care!

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