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Building A Titan.

It has begun.

I've started to prepare and build my first Titan, a Chaos Warhound.

I'm not sure exactly why I decided to start with the Chaos variant of the Warhound and not an Imperial one, it just felt like the right one to go with as my first Titan build.

I washed it all when I first bought it, something I did with all of my Titans so some of the work in basic prep has already been done.

First up is dry fitting the part, cutting off all the mold gates and sanding down any parts that need to be sanded ready for building and priming.

In order to make sure the primer adheres well, I'll be priming each piece with matte varnish first, letting it cure fully for a few days and then priming with a rattle can black primer, probably Chaos Black from Citadel.

The above technique seemed to work well and provided a good base for painting on my smaller Forge World models so far, so I think I'll stick to it.

I'm starting by preparing the upper part of the Titan and will then move onto the legs. Once all the parts are ready for building I'll be building the legs up first using JB-Weld and pinning to make sure the bonds are strong.

The poor chap in the engine room doesn't seem to be in too great a shape...

Until the next post - happy hobbying!


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