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Eversor Assassin Time.

So I managed to catch a bit of a cold last week.

It sucked but it also gave me the chance to stay at home to get better for a few days and what better way to get better than to choose an unopened miniature and start painting it up!

Enter my Eversor Assassin.

This is a miniature I've had for a few years now, quietly sat (think sleeper agent (Hydra Dominatus) type) in my collection waiting to be painted.

I want to start an Alpha Legion force soon, just a small one to begin with and though this guy would be the perfect reason to getting one started. He would be an Alpha Legion operative.

Here he is based up and built:

Over the last two days I've managed to slap some paint onto him and he's coming along nicely.

Now I just need to decide what level I want to take the paint job to, as I'll have to paint all the other members of the force up to the same level to match.

Here he is so far, almost done:

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