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From Golden Light They Come.

Anyone who knows me, (and there's not really that many people who do...), knows that I am a HUGE Custodes fan.

I fell in love with the idea of the demi-god protectors of the Emperor of mankind the moment I learned about them.

A towering super human brotherhood of neigh immortal and superlative warriors, whats not to fall in love with?!

So, safe to say I'm a Custodes fan boy. I've read all of their lore, followed their story telling through the sagas and collected them in all forms, from dice to miniatures, action figures and books.

Given my love of the golden host, I have recently started to paint some of my miniatures of them, so that I can begin to play games of either the Horus Heresy: Age of Darkness with them or even 10th Ed 40K or Kill Team.

These models have sat on my shelves for a while now unbuilt, whilst I muster the skills and courage to finally paint them - this has now begun.

Unlike some of my other projects, I intend to take my sweet time with these - I want to do them justice, I want to portray that each model really represents a hero in his own right.

Here's a few images of where I'm at so far:

I'm looking forward to seeing this force progress and adding some of the cool unit options they have available to them, the Grav-Tanks, Dreadnoughts and Gunships.

All in good time though, first I'll need to finish these two squads and that may take a little while given work/life commitments right now.

Well, until the next post - for The Emperor!


*All artwork is copyright of their respective owners - no copyright infringement intended.


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