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Grey Knight Paladin Test Model Finished.

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

My Grey Knight army is progressing, I only have eleven more models to go before it's finished and completed, alongside a little bit of basing work too.

The standard strike squads are all finished and I've begun work on the terminator/paladin squads.

I've opted for a slightly different look for the terminators as I want them to stand out a bit and look apart from their fellow strike squad members.

I don't think I shared pictures of the finished strike squad models so here are a few alongside the recently completed test model for the terminators.

Strike squad first!

Here are some of the terminator model.

So yeah, really happy with how the army is coming along, soon they'll be done and I can start the next army up. Not sure if I'll be building my Tau or Necrons first!

Until the next post, happy painting to you all.


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