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Heresy 2.0 - Choosing A Legion.

Sometimes things happen organically, sometimes things are forced a certain route or direction and sometimes they happen by chance.

Since the launch of Heresy 2.0, I've been trying to decide and commit to how I want to spend my hobby time, allocate my models and generally pursue the hobby.

I asked myself a few questions such as;

- Do I want to eventually play the game?

- Will I primarily be painting for displays?

- Do I want to collect one large army or lots of smaller forces?

My hobby time is very limited. I work long hours, have a long commute to and from work (which will only get longer once we move house soon) and then I have my family and little one to spend time with at home.

So, I had to answer the above questions with all of these things in mind, knowing that I would be lucky to get 30-60 minutes of hobby time per week.

Ultimately I settled on the fact that I would, eventually, at some point in time, like to start playing games.

I'm also a very big fan of the Warhammer 30K lore, so wanting to make lots of forces for each of the legions and they're characters is very appealing.

With all that in mind, I've settled on making one medium sized force that should be large enough for me to play a decent sized game with and then a few smaller scout forces (Alpha Legion) for the other legions that I want to play and have on display.

For my main Space Marine force, I have chosen Imperial Fists.

I like their lore and it's a chapter that I haven't really explored in a lot of detail before, so It will be nice to learn more about them as I go along.

They also tie in nicely with my other main army that I will focus on a bit later on: The Emperor's Custodes. (More on that topic later)

I've been researching and studying how to paint yellow en-mass so that I'm ready to paint up an army and think I now have a good idea of what I want to do to achieve it.

First off though, I need to recover from my recent surgery, move to a new house at the end of the month, set up a hobby space and get other things in order.

Once that's all done though, I'm stocked up on miniatures, paints, glues etc and am now ready to really get stuck in with some good Horus Heresy hobbying.

Looking forward to it all!


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