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Leg Day, Don't Skip Leg Day...

Wow, what a great experience and learning curve building this Titan, my first Titan had been.

For those not following me, I've been building my first Titan up. It's a Warhound Titan, a Chaos one.

I've never built this sort of huge Forge World kit before and let me tell you, its complex, very involved and has a lot going on.

There's so much prep work that needs to be done, so many specialized tools that are needed to build it and get the parts ready, not to mention special stronger glues, safety equipment like respirator mask etc that are needed.

It's a journey though! It's fun and as I said, lots to learn along the way.

So, here's what I've done so far in pictures! Enjoy.

So yeah, it's actually coming along.

I've built up the first parts of the legs and completed the feet. There's still a lot of pinning to be done to reinforce the structure but it's coming along!

In other news just for fun, I bought a new Imperial Guard model and painted it up as a quick speed paint session over a day whenever I had a free moment, for the short time spent on him I'm happy with how he turned out and I even got to practice a tiny bit of freehand on his shoulder.

I'll write up the next post all about my gaming table, which has, I'm very happy to say pretty much been completed for the time being.

Until the next post! See you all soon and happy hobbying!


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