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New Pictures, a Finished Chaplain & 1000 Followers on Instagram.

Wow, what a roller coaster month the last month has been!

To kick it all off, I became a father. Such an exciting event and I'm super proud of my little one and his mum, they're both doing extremely well.

It's been lots of work and at times stress dealing with early parent life, having to work around new ways of living life and learning everything that comes alongside having a child but it's rewarding at the same time and such an amazing over all experience.

That said, it has meant less time for painting and other hobbies like photography, however I have still managed to get some done and at the same time I've also amassed over 1000 followers on Instagram which is truly amazing!

Thank you for all the support, likes, comments and follows - they are very very appreciated.

So without making this too long of a post, here are a few pictures of my finished Blood Angel's Chaplain, based on the Lemartes model, he was painted in a Grim Dark sort of way and is certainly my grittiest miniature to date!

As ever, let me know what you think of him, either on here or on my Instagram page - next up is work on my Grey Knight Terminators!

Until the next post - happy painting to you all.


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