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Painting A Small Iron Warriors Force.

So the other day I managed to pick up a small Iron Warriors force from someone who was looking to sell their Horus Heresy miniatures.

In essence, they had the terminators, well ten of them, from the age of darkness box set alongside twenty space marines with heavy weapon options, the Dreadnought from the age of darkness set, Perturabo and three Iron Circle from Forge World.

The miniatures were built and primed chaos black with a light, dry brush of silver and that was all. This left me with a nice quick start to getting the force painted up in my own way.

I've started by using the Dreadnaught as my test model for the paint scheme, here he is so far in his work in progress state! ☺️

For the paint scheme, I used a dark metal and light metal colour for the base Dreadnought silver, I then shaded with a turquoise contrast paint which was then partially painted over by a yellow-brown contrast paint.

This was then all coated with an oil filter of burnt umber, which was then wiped away to create the streaking weathered look.

Shoutout to Medder's miniatures for the general idea and colour choice approach for the Iron Warriors scheme. 👍🏻

Here's the rest of the force washed and ready to be painted:

Once they're all painted I'm thinking of adding a Kratos Tank and a Leviathan Dreadnaught to complete the force.

Let me know what you think! 🤔


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