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Painting Helmets.

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Another quick post, this time on my Grey Knight's red helmets!

Oh man, I'm tired. The concentration of painting small bits of red on a multitude of helmets takes its toll. I have to say though, the over all look though is worth it. I think they look good.

My red recipe is as follows:

- Base with Mephiston red

- Wash with Nuln oil

- Re-base with Mephiston red

- Apply white on areas that need highlights

- Apply a few thin layers of Evil Suns Scarlet over the top of the white paint

That's a cool quick tip for anyone reading, if you want a nice easy way to get a brighter highlight, instead of painting loads and loads of layers of the brighter color, apply a layer of white first and then apply your highlight on top of that.

Here are the latest batch progressing:

(The guys shown beneath haven't had that white stage applied yet, they're just at stage one)

Hope you find these blogs useful, if you do, feel free to give them a like and if your so inclined, throw me a follow over on Facebook and Instagram.


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