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Reinforcements abound!

Well, I didn't think I'd be writing this post so soon, but I have some news...

...I may have gone and bought a second Titan.

Yup, it happened:

My birthday was not too long ago, and I was fortunate enough to receive some new items to add to my Titan project in the form of a new Warhound Titan from Forgeworld.

I also got a couple of characters that I've wanted too, the Custodes Shield Captain, the Alpha Legion Praetor and the Primarch Lion El'Johnson.

Here's a shot of the Warhound laid out to check all parts were present:

All were good, except for the two head components. The lower jaw section had a bit of a miss-cast issue on the control panel where it looks like the resin spilled out of the mold - you can see this in the image below, it looks like the resin was melted over the top right of the panel:

The upper section of the head also had an issue in that it has big crack of the eye's inner armor rim which is broken and only held on by a tiny piece:

I've emailed Forgeworld customer service about these two issues and hopefully they'll step up and get those pieces replaced.

Apart from those two bits though, the rest of the kit alongside the other miniatures ordered are great and well cast.

Looking forward to starting this with my Reaver Titan and getting the whole project underway! Lots to do - exciting times!

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