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Scenery & Terrain.

Just a short post with an update on my hobby progress recently.

Not specifically Heresy miniature related but more general Warhammer gaming related.

I've finished my gaming table! (for now...)

Here it is with all my painted terrain setup on two different style of battlefield:

I'm really really please with how it's all turned out and come together. Keeping the pieces relatively neutral in color meant that they work really well on different styles of battlefields and with all sorts of themes/colors.

Here's a detail shot from the first layout:

If anyone is interested, the terrain is made up of a mix of scratch built scenery, official kits and the brownish weathered buildings are the Glass Hammer Gaming Tournament Terrain kits ( ). The game mat, is from a company called Play Mats Eu, who have been around for a while now ( ).

For some reason the Play Mats Eu website is timing out and not loading atm, so another great game mat company is

So there we have it, a table full of painted terrain and scenery for games. Now I just need to paint some armies for the Horus Heresy!

Until next time, happy hobbying.



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