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So It Begins...The Custodes Titan Project.

ARGH! So much excitement! Absolutely thrilled to be writing this - my Forge World Reaver Titan has arrived!

That's right! I ordered myself a birthday treat, and a pretty cool one at that. I've opened it up and upon initial inspection, things seem to be in order even though I'm yet to have a close look at all of the individual parts.

The next thing I need to do now, is go through all of the packages and make sure that all the individual pieces are present and accounted for to make sure there is nothing damaged or missing.

This will take a while, especially whilst juggling home life, work and everything else at the same time - wish me luck!

Once everything has been checked, I'll start to wash all of the pieces and get them ready for the project to begin.

You can see a few pictures of the order above, arrived Titan boxes and initial unboxing of the parts as well as a shot of the Custodes ready to be started too!

The Titan project will run alongside my Custodes project which I'll start at the same time, the idea being that this Titan is one of the two guarding the Emperor's throne room from the Fire Wasps Legio.

I'll be writing a series of blogs and recording some vlogs to document the whole process, from prep work, to builds and then painting on my website.

Wow, so excited about this! I look forward to sharing it with you all as it progresses! :)

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