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Working on my Warhound.

It's been a while since the last post, I am still around though and still painting! :)

I've actually been working on a few different projects, from 40K Grey Knights and Necrons for my Combat Patrol forces to more units for my 40K World Eaters army and even continuing to work on my Chaos Warhound Titan from Forge World.

Most of the kits I'm building right now are plastic as the weather is still very very hot over here and makes rattle can priming outside very hard to do, let alone varnishing by can which is part of my routine for the Forge World kits.

This means that I'll wait to start on more of the resin stuff until maybe November/December time once the weather cools down and its less humid outside.

Here are a few pictures of my most recently finished miniatures, as well as one or two from my visit to the UK and Warhammer World!



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